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A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 4
How to Pose Like a Pinup!

At Deadly is the Female we aim to help women not only look fabulous but to feel beautiful and confident with how they look.

This week Deadly model and shop girl Scarlett Luxe is back to share her top tips for posing like a pro for the camera. When your dressed in a fabulous outfit you may want to take pictures to show friends and family or share on social media, many ladies like to do this when they try the dresses on in our boutique. However, not everyone is super confident in front of the camera and we have been asked by many ladies how to pose to show off not only your fab outfit but how gorgeous you look!
Well pose pro Scarlett Luxe is here to share her top posing tips that will have you looking like a perfect pinup model!

We all want to look fabulous in front of the camera and show off our best side especially if you are looking and feeling good! I’d like to share some poses with you that are my go to poses not only on photo shoots but for outfit posts and mirror selfies! These poses will help to show off your gorgeous figure and show you standing proud.

One of my biggest tips for posing and to help make you look and feel confident is your posture. For any pose you need to stand tall, pull those shoulders back and keep that chin lifted. With all of these poses practice them in front of the mirror because practice does make perfect and you can find what works best for you. Don’t let that crown fall off whilst your posing and looking beautiful!

Classic Pinup Pose

This pose has to be the most recognisable within the pinup world because it’s easy but fabulous! I love this pose because once your legs and feet are in place you can mix up this pose with different arm poses such as hands on hips, one hand held down or one hand behind the hair. It’s such an excellent, easy and diverse pose! The Classic Pinup Pose helps to show off your waist and can show off your hourglass shape or give the illusion of an hourglass figure. This pose works well for group photo’s helping to make you look picture perfect or for when you just want to show off how amazing you look! How to do this pose….

  1. Stand with your feet together and let one knee pop forward. As you do this your body weight will shift into the straight leg and will push your hip outwards, this is creating some curve and shape in the body. Remember to keep the top half of the body upright and pull those shoulders down, stand proud because you look gorgeous!

  2. If you want to enhance the curve in the hip you can push it out further by bending the knee a little more. You will feel as though you are sinking into the hip. Only go as far as you and your body can go. Try this in front of the mirror to see how far works best for you and your body shape.

  3. Want to try some fancy footwork? For an extra touch of sass we can even pose the feet like in the picture above. Once you have popped a knee forward using the same foot, pick up the foot and place it on the side of your big toe next to your other foot’s big toe. This will make the popped knee cross over the other knee helping to make your legs look long and fabulous! This can be tricky to balance so I’d recommend practicing this footwork in flat shoes before trying it in heels. I remember falling over in heels the first time I tried this on a Deadly photo shoot! Again, try this out in front of a mirror and see what works and looks best for you.

  4. Once you have your legs and feet in a comfortable and elegant place you can then add in your arms. My favourite arm pose would have to be placing both of my hands on my waist like in the picture above as this highlights your waist. Pop both hands in the small of your waist and keep the fingers together for a sassy pinup look!

  5. Finally don’t forget to smile because girl, you are looking incredible and working it!

The Scarlett Side Step

I am very honoured to have my own Deadly is the Female pose named after me! This pose is super easy to do and very elegant. The Scarlett Side Step is particularly good for showing off swing dresses, full skirts or fabulous prints.
How to do this pose…..

  1. The best place to start is standing with your feet together. With which ever leg your prefer, pointe the leg and foot straight out to the side. You will need to leave most of your body weight over your supporting straight leg. Keep the hips facing forward, it’s just the leg and the foot that moves. With the leg that is pointing out to the side I find it more comfortable to have a slight bend in the leg.

  2. For this pose you don’t have to look like a ballet dancer with a beautiful pointed foot and turned out legs! For the foot that is placed out to the side, I’d recommend keeping the top of your foot and all 5 toes facing forward. Place your weight of this leg down on the side of your big toe just like in the picture above, this will help to support you and keep you looking wonderful.

  3. When I’m wearing a swing dress or full skirt my favourite arm pose for the Scarlett Side Step has to be one hand in the small of my waist and the other pinching at the skirt and pulling it slightly out. This shows off the fullness of the dress or skirt and gives a flash of petticoat which I love! To keep this pose looking balanced, I’d pull the skirt out on the same side as the leg that is pointed out. Now this pose definitely deserves a cheeky smile!

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Cross Those Pretty Feet!

This is one of the newest poses I’ve been trying out on photo shoots and I love it! If you want to give off the illusion that your legs are longer or that you are taller then this is the pose for you! The way that your feet are brought together almost makes them look like one creating a long and elegant look.  Trust me, this pose is really simple to do but looks super pretty!
How to do this pose….

  1. As with the other poses, start with the feet together. Using which ever foot you prefer, cross one foot in front of the other but keeping the feet tight and close together. This is what creates the illusion of looking taller. Try to keep both feet facing forward.

  2. The leg that is crossed in front, I’d recommend keeping that knee relaxed so that both knee’s slot together easily. It also helps you to keep your balance easier!

  3. What did I tell you, it’s a simple as that! All you need to do now is pose your arms, for this pose I like to mix up what I do with my arms so I may leave one hand on the small of my waist whilst the other may place with my hair or be placed gently on my face. This is a good pose to try out lots of different arm poses with and facial expressions, add some sass or a smile or a pout!

I hope these poses and tips have helped you to find your inner pinup and give you some confidence in front of the camera. If you try out any of these poses then we would love to see a picture! Send in your pictures via email to, via Instagram @deadlyfemale or our Facebook page ‘Deadly is the Female‘.

Be sure to check out next week’s ‘A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 5’ where we will be sharing the Deadly girls top body confidence tips!