Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine!

There are so many beautiful bloggers, models and gals who love the vintage style and we absolutely adore! We wanted to get together with a few to quiz them about anything and everything to do with clothing, makeup, hair, body confidence, selfie tips and so much more! In each interview we ask the lovely ladies 3 personalised questions to get an insight into each ladies lives and then we ask 5 Deadly questions which have been put together by our staff and customers that will be asked in each interview, how exciting!

Today our Deadly roving reporter is interviewing the adorable, super kind and beautiful Soda Fontaine!

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

 We absolutely love your outfit of the day posts, they always inspire us with new hair styles or outfits to try out! How did you first get into dressing in the pinup/vintage style?

In my last year of High School I discovered Dita Von Teese and I absolutely adored her style. I remember saying to my friends ‘when I am older I am going to dress like Dita!’. Now that I am older, Dita has definitely influenced my hair and makeup style. However the way I dress day to day is not as glamorous haha. I tend to go for more modern, casual pinup/rockabilly looks. However, starting burlesque classes back in 2012 is what really kick started my confidence in dressing pinup style. Through the classes I discovered the New Zealand burlesque and pinup/vintage community. It gave me a sense of belonging and I realised that if these wonderful ladies have the confidence to dress this way, then I can too. Nothing was actually stopping me other than being afraid of what people would think.

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

Soda Fontaine wearing a stunning dress from DIta Von Teese’s collection!

 You are originally from New Zealand, a beautiful part of the world! What are you enjoying getting up too whilst here in the U.K.?

The list of things to do in London is endless and I love that!! I’m really enjoying seeing theatre and musicals. Visiting the numerous museums and exhibitions. As well as admiring the old architecture of London and the UK. Plus being so close to Europe is amazing!!

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

You’ve been travelling all over the world, we are very jealous of all your exciting adventures! We struggle to pack all our outfits, Petticoats, accessories and so much more when heading off. What is your top tip for a travelling pinup?

My top tip would be to choose a colour theme for your accessories and shoes that can work with all of your outfits. For example, when I packed for Viva Las Vegas my colour theme was white and blue. For the majority of my Viva outfits I was able to pair with my white mules, white handbag, plus white and blue jewellery.

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

Soda Fontaine wear’s the Dollface Dress in Black Stripes and looks stunning!

The 5 Deadly questions…..

1) What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

My vintage 1940’s swimsuit. It’s turquoise and beautifully shimmers in the sun. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

This vintage swimsuit is absolutely beautiful and looks incredible on Soda Fontaine!

2) What is your top hair or makeup styling tip?

Find a hairstyle or two you love and practice it until you can style it quickly and easily. It’s a real timesaver. My go to hairstyle is normally the page boy.

3) What is your top tip for taking a good selfie or photo?

Lighting!! Walk around the house and/or outside holding your phone on selfie mode until you find a spot with flattering lighting. Having a pretty or simple backdrop for your selfie is also a bonus.

4) What 1 piece of advice would you give to girls who aspire to dress in the vintage style or aspire to be a model/blogger?

Confidence and finding your unique sense of style. For instance, there are so many different styles and trends within the pinup/vintage community so go with what makes your heart sing. Oh and I have one more tip which is quite important to me. Don’t feel the pressure to dress in pinup/vintage style everyday if you don’t want too. There is quite a lot of underlying pressure from Social Media that you’re ‘not pinup/vintage enough’ if you don’t dress in it everyday. This is rubbish. Just do what suits you best <3

5) If you could have any item that is currently in stock from Deadly is the Female, what would it be?

The Trixie Dress in Pirate Treasure from Trashy diva. The print is so cute and I love pirates.  

Deadly is the Female interviews Soda Fontaine

Thank you to the gorgeous Soda Fontaine for being so wonderful and taking part in our Deadly interview. Take a look at Soda Fontaine’s fabulous blog and follow her on Instagram @soda_fontaine