Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

There are so many beautiful bloggers, models and gals who love the vintage style and we absolutely adore! We wanted to get together with a few to quiz them about anything and everything to do with clothing, makeup, hair, body confidence, selfie tips and so much more! In each interview we ask the lovely ladies 3 personalised questions to get an insight into each ladies lives and then we ask 5 Deadly questions which have been put together by our staff and customers that will be asked in each interview, how exciting!

This week we got to interview one of our new Deadly models and a very yummy mummy, the absolutely beautiful and very sweet Jane of @midcenturymummy!

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

1) Mid Century Mummy or the lovely Jane, We absolutely love your outfit of the day posts on Instagram they are always so fierce and inspiring! How did you get into dressing in a vintage style and has your style changed since you first started dressing in this way? 

Aww thank you. I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, wearing them, looking at them and buying them. My mum constantly regales stories of me at the age of 2, changing outfits up to 4 times a day. My love for vintage style, started around 10 years ago, I read an article on Dita Von teese and I couldn’t stop looking her.  She looked  like some beautiful alien and I never knew people could dress like that. I wanted in on it! In the last 3 years I’ve relaxed my style much more and explored different avenues of vintage clothing, such as western and 70s fashion. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

2) We are not only a beautiful lady but you are also a gorgeous hardworking mummy! Do you ever dress your children in a vintage style? (Too cute!) What advice would you give to other mummy’s who want to dress in the vintage style but aren’t sure how to juggle children and style? 

I did with my daughter when she was younger, I’d often match our dresses and colour co ordinate our outfits, but she has her own style now, which is lovely and I like the fact she still asks me advice on outfits and clothing! I’m not going to lie, it’s hard and some days, tracksuit bottoms and sloppy tees are life! But my advice would be invest in lots of coloured hairscarfs, as they hide a multitude of dirty hair sins and a good pair of jeans, with a retro blouse or top still look awesome and vintage styled, but easy to wear and wash with children. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

3) You recently took part in your first photo shoot right here at Deadly is the Female. Can you tell us about the experience and what was your favourite part about the photo shoot?

I had THE best day at Deadly Is The Female, from the lovely hotel I stayed in, to meeting up with you 3 gorgeous women the night before (Claudia the owner of Deadly and models Scarlett Luxe & Lady Eccentrik)  to the day of the shoot. It’s so hard to choose, but I think it would probably have been the actual shoot itself. I was so nervous beforehand, but you guys were so supportive and encouraging, it made a world of difference. The entire day I was made to feel so incredibly welcome and comfortable, it made the whole experience a truly wonderful day to remember. 

Behind the Scenes at the Deadly is the Female A/W Photoshoot

The 5 Deadly questions…..


1) What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe and why?

It’s so difficult to pick just one, but probably a red vintage jacket my Dad bought me for my 16. It’s really unique and holds so many happy memories 

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

2) What is your top hair and makeup styling tip?

It’s been said a hundred times before, but dirty hair is so much easier to style. My hair is so straight and thick, it’s impossible to do anything with it otherwise.
If you wear false eyelashes, invest in Ardell dark lash glue. It’s one of my favourite long lasting glues and doesn’t ruin your eyeliner, because of it’s dark colour. 

3) What is your top tip for taking a good selfie or photo? 

For my outfit of the day’s posts, I bought a camera tripod. It’s made taking any pictures a million times easier. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

4) What 1 piece of advice would you give to girls who aspire to dress in the vintage style or aspire to be a model/blogger?

The high street isn’t your enemy. I love mixing items from Primark with true vintage and repro items. It’s makes vintage styling more affordable, but it also can help bring a unique modern twist to your outfit. 

5) If you could have any item that is currently in stock from Deadly is the Female, what would it be and why? 

Without doubt the Vixen Pencil Skirt in Black. It fitted like a glove and the length was perfect on me. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Mid Century Mummy!

Thank you to absolutely beautiful and super stylish Jane for taking part in our Deadly interview. Be sure to follow Jane on Instagram to see more of her fabulous outfit of the day posts @midcenturymummy