A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

At Deadly is the Female we aim to help women not only look fabulous but to feel beautiful and confident with how they look.

To kick off our Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence we have to start with undergarments! If you have the right foundations then you can build one fabulous outfit over the top!
We have asked Deadly Model and Shop Girl Scarlett Luxe to share with us her top picks from strapless bra’s to shape wear to big knickers (we love a good pair of big knickers!).

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

This week we take a look at Shape Wear!

When I’m working on a photo shoot or getting dressed up in a figure hugging dress or I want to really accentuate my waist I like to wear shape wear so that it smoothes everything out and creates a clean silhouette under neath my clothing. However, because I may be wearing the shape wear for a fair few hours it’s needs to be comfortable! Here are some of my favourites I like to wear…..
(These products aren’t available to buy from Deadly is the Female but all the pictures and products contain links to where you are able to buy them)

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

Corselette Glamour Noveau
What Katie Did


This Corselette is the newest piece of shape wear in my wardrobe but it has to be my favourite! The Corselette is an all in one that aims to make the most of your curves and smooth your shape and boy does it ever! This shape wear not only smooths everything out but with internal elastic waist tape it nips in at the waist, helping to create that true hourglass shape. The Corselette is done up with hook and eye fastenings at the front making it easy to take on and off. It also features 6 metal clip suspenders meaning you don’t have to worry about adding a suspender belt over the top if you want to wear stockings. For day’s when I don’t want to wear stockings I find the clips tuck up easily inside the Corselette and they will stay there and not irritate me. With this Corselette I feel secure and comfortable, I feel that it will stay place and I will still be able to eat and drink whilst looking fabulous! I’ve never tried shape wear that has a built in bra as I always worry about the fit, usually the cups are too small making me feel uncomfortable that my boobs may escape causing embarrassment. My bust is an E cup and the What Katie Did ladies sized me in the DD which I was nervous about but it was the perfect fit. My bust feels secure and well covered but I still have a bit of cleavage which is not always a bad thing!

When shape wear is concerned it’s quite tricky to feel that you look good in it well this garment makes me feel glamorous! The price of this Corselette can make you squeal a little, I did but then I tried it on. It is incredibly well made, it’s made of a fabric that looks beautiful but is durable and I know it’s going to last. This garment is available in Black or Peach from a size 32B to a 38D.

In the picture above I am wearing the Corselette under the Twilight Dress, I couldn’t believe how much it nipped my waist in, lifted my bust and smoothed out all my curves. I am also wearing stockings and I was so impressed that the stocking clips or the boning of the Corselette didn’t show through this tight fitting dress. On this day I wore the Corselette for 10 hours and of course it was a relief to take it off at the end of the day but it stayed in place and needed no adjustments and was just comfortable to wear all day.

I’d highly recommend the Corselette Glamour Nouveau. If you have any questions or queries about sizing etc the What Katie Did team are fantastic and will be able to assist in any way you need.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

Waist Cincher Glamour
What Katie Did

The Waist Cincher Glamour from What Katie Did was the first piece of shape wear I properly invested in and I was not disappointed. The waist cincher has 8 spiral steel bones with concealed elastic waist tape and powermesh waist cinching band so you feel secure wearing the cincher but you also feel as though its gliding over your curves and actually cinching you in at the right places. Steel boning can often put ladies off as they believe they will be unable to move, that’s not at all true with this cincher. It molds to your shape and moves with you, I’ve even worn it out dancing! The cincher is done up with a hook and eye fastening at the front, making it super easy to put on and take off. There are also 6 suspender straps but these are detachable which I found more appealing as it’s more practical.

With this cincher, because of the steel boning it can show through some tight dresses for example  the Billion Dollar Baby Dress because you can see the boning through the dress. Some people don’t mind this but others like to keep my shape wear a secret! If you aren’t use to this style of shape wear it does get some getting use too. I wore it for the first time to the Goodwood Revival and I did fidget it around a lot as I just wasn’t use to feeling quite so held in and secure. But the more I wore it the more comfortable it was and the more I got use to it. This cincher is available in black or peach and they are sized by your waist size not your dress size so be sure to check the What Katie Did size chart.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

Here I am wearing the Waist Cincher under the Billion Dollar Baby Dress in Aubergine, I love how much it accentuates my waist! I always wear the Waist Cincher with high waister pants (big knickers!) to keep a smoothed shape, plus I find them more comfortable!

This is my go to piece if I really want a cinched in look. If you have any questions or queries about sizing etc the What Katie Did team are fantastic and will be able to assist in any way you need.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

Spanx ‘Power Series’ High Waisted Briefs

In my quest to find the best shape wear, I’ve tried so many different department store own branded shape wear but I’ve never found any of them to actually do what they say they should do! I was forever searching for the perfect Spanx when the light bulb came on in my brain, why didn’t I just try the actual Spanx Brand? So I hoped online and took the chance and ordered these high waisted briefs. Never again have I bought any shape wear that isn’t spanx!

These briefs are my go to shape wear for most photo shoots because they smooth out my curves and they are comfortable to wear. The briefs really surprised me because they do help hold everything in and accentuate my waist. They are not necessarily the most attractive looking shape wear but they do their job of giving you an amazing shape perfectly. The briefs have the following features and I can proudly say this product really does achieve all of these…

– Lightweight for all-day comfort

– Shaping zones target the stomach and provide 360 degrees of support with gradual release for comfort and movement

– Seamless yarns for ultimate stretch and recovery

– No-slip strip at waistband for a stay-put fit

– Comfortable waistband won’t roll

My only issue with these briefs is that it can be a bit tricky to go to the toilet. Because they sit so high up and hold you in so well, which in terms of shape wear it great, they do need a bit of a wiggle to get in and out of them. I find you do need to plan when you visit the toilet and give yourself enough time to get in and out!

What really surprised me with these Spanx was the price, I had previously stayed clear of Spanx because I assumed they’d be expensive and possibly not worth the money. However, for the quality and how amazing they work as shape wear these are an excellent price. My top tip is to check the size guide carefully, they are sized as Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large etc so be sure to check your measurements against the size guide.

I wear the Spanx High Waisted Briefs on pretty much every Deadly photo shoot as it smooths and shows off my natural shape, allows movement so I can pose easily plus it’s comfortable to wear on long photo shoots.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 2

Be sure to check out next week’s ‘A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3’ where Scarlett will be sharing her top picks for bra’s, strapless bra’s and underwear!