Deadly is the Female Vintage Life Ads!

Deadly is the Female Advert Monica Dress in Vintage Life Magazine

Deadly is the Female Vintage Life Ads! This year we had the pleasure of creating ads to be featured in Vintage Life Magazine. We had such fun creating all these looks with wonderful hair and makeup by Lolita Noir and photography by Porcelain Photography. We thought we’d take a look back at the ads….  

Makeup Monday: Sweetheart Lip Glaze

Besame Cosmetics UK stockists - Vintage Lip Glaze in Cherry

Makeup Monday!  Sweetheart Lip Glaze A glossy lip can give add a touch of sass to finish off any makeup look. The Besame Cosmetic Sweetheart Glaze can be worn on it’s own or over lipstick and provides that glossy look whilst leaving your lips still feeling soft and silky. Thick and rich, Sweetheart Glaze stays where […]