Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

We love a Deadly photo shoot!
With lots of new goodies arriving at Deadly HQ it was time for a Deadly photo shoot. For this shoot we wanted to keep the hair and makeup bright and fun! Here’s a sneak peak at how we created a summery look on Deadly model Scarlett Luxe….

Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

Scarlett’s finished look on set in the Wild Vintage Leopard Troublemaker Wiggle Dress

Makeup Artist: Lola

For this makeup look we decided to create a modern pinup look! The base was applied first and was subtle so that the main focus was on the eyes.

The eye makeup was strong and bright featuring a combination of fuchsia pinks and red, a great match to Scarlett’s hair colour! Our favourite part of this look was the glitter! Gold glitter shimmer was first applied in the inner corners of the eyes. This was then overplayed with gold glitter pigments making sure it really stood out and was super sparkley! Winged eyeliner was applied to give this look a vintage touch.

The eyebrows were strong and sleek created using just an eyebrow pomade. A dusting of blusher and a touch of highlighter helped to define the cheek bones. Finally, a bright red lipstick was applied to add the perfect finishing touch to this look.

This was a completely different look for us at Deadly is the Female, very modern but we loved it and we are now addicted to glitter!

Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

We loved this modern vintage pinup look especially the glitter!

Styled by Lolita Noir

Scarlett always rocks an updo and one of our favourite looks on her is a faux bob. To make this look a bit more fun and summery we made this hairstyle big and a little less structured.

A couple of day’s before the shoot Scarlett pin curled her hair, as they would have done in the 50’s! This type of curl lasts better on Scarlett’s hair and is easier to work and style. Curls can also be created for this look using rollers or curling tongs.

Once all the pin curls had been removed, Lolita began by backcombing most of Scarlett’s hair. The backcombing helps when pinning the structure of the faux bob and it also makes the style bigger! The backcombing was smoothed out and Lolita started pinning the faux bob into place. Lolita started by pinning the underneath layer of the faux bob so that she had a base structure to style the rest of the hair around. Once this was in place the top layer of hair was styled into place, the hair was styled into the precise place showing off the curls. With lots of hair spray this hair do was perfectly in place and Scarlett was ready for the camera! This hairstyle was great for adding hair flowers, perfect for a Summer look.

Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

Scarlett’s faux bob was pinup perfect!

We loved this look on Scarlett! We already can’t wait until our next photo shoot when we get to try out more hair and makeup looks!

Spring Summer Photoshoot Hair and Makeup!

Scarlett’s finished look on set wearing the Dollface Dress in Hot Pink Stripes with Peggy Sue Petticoat in Raspberry