A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6
Who Cares About a Size Label!

At Deadly is the Female we aim to help women not only look fabulous but to feel beautiful and confident with how they look.

This week’s chapter in our ‘Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence’ discusses sizing and how in the 21st Century we can’t get hung up about what size may be printed in our clothes. Here at Deadly is the Female we believe that size isn’t important. As long as the garment fits you and your body shape and you feel happy and confident then who cares what the size label says inside! No one is going to see the label but what they are going to see is your gorgeous self looking fab-u-lous!

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

At Deadly is the Female we stock brands from all over the world which we then convert their sizing into UK sizing. However, sizing can be inconsistent between brands for many reasons. Certain fabrics contain more stretch therefore are more generous when it comes to sizing. Particular cuts of dresses can change sizing for example wiggle dresses can size up smaller as they are nipped in to be tighter and slinkier. Sizing is also different all over the world so an American size is likely to be different to a UK size.

All these factors we take into account here at Deadly is the Female so that we can help our customers and advise best when it comes to sizing. This is one of the main reasons we like to try on most of our products, not just because it’s fun and we like pretty things! We are able to understand the fit, feel and sizing of a garment first hand making it easier to advise our customers.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

Marilyn Monroe being measured for a Hollywood movie!

Even the Deadly girls size up differently!
For example

Deadly Model and Shop Girl Scarlett wears…..
Vixen Tops: 8-10
Vixen Bottoms and Dresses: 10-12
Emmy: 6-8
Stop Staring: 8-10
Trashy Diva: UK 12

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

Scarlett wears the Twilight Dress from Stop Staring in a size 8-10

Deadly Hair and Makeup Artist Lauren wears….
Vixen: 12-14
Stop Staring: 16-18
Unique Vintage: 14-16
Trashy Diva: UK 20

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

Lauren wears the Diva Skirt by Heart of Haute in a size 14-16

Both girls are beautiful and have incredible different body shapes but both size up differently depending on the brand, style of garment and fabric. As long as you are happy and feel confident it doesn’t matter what is printed on a size label!



When it comes to finding the right size garment our Deadly top tip is to learn your exact body measurements. On the Deadly website for each item, we include a size chart that shows the precise measurements of each size. If you are between sizes or you are unsure which size would best fit you, you can compare your measurements with the size chart.

You don’t need to measure yourself from head to toe but 3 simple measurements will help you to get a perfect fit from any Deadly item. We’d recommend measuring around the bust, waist and hips. When measuring your bust and hips measure the biggest part so you can get an accurate measurement. With your waist measurement, measure the smallest part of your waist as this is what we want to show off!

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6

If you ever have any questions regarding sizing then please contact the Deadly girls and we will be more than happy to help! Call the boutique between 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday on 01373 469914 or email shop@deadlyisthefemale.com

Stay tuned for our next edition of A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 7!