A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 5

A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 5
Body Confidence Tips from the Deadly Girls!

At Deadly is the Female we aim to help women not only look fabulous but to feel beautiful and confident with how they look.

For this edition of ‘A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence’ we have asked the Deadly girls to share their top 3 body confidence tips to help you find your inner Deadly girl confidence! We found it really interesting as some of the girls tips contradict one another (scandal!) but that goes to show how we all find our body confidence in different ways, we just have to figure out what works best for us.

Each of our Deadly girls have also taken a snap wearing the Billion Dollar Baby Dress, one of Deadly’s favourite and most popular dresses! This dress is available from a 6-8 to a 20-22, we wanted to share with you a dress that can be worn on many different body shapes and sizes and how it can be styled to suit each individual lady.

Claudia – Owner and Deadly Boss Lady!

1) Wear what you feel good in. Don’t worry about what’s in fashion or what you are supposed to wear for your shape, wear what makes you feel good! If horizontal stripes make you smile – wear them, if support underwear gives you more confidence, put it on & if blue lipstick makes you feel fierce make sure you always have one in your handbag!

2) Pose in the mirror, take a million selfies, get to know you! A crappy photo can make me feel rotten so when I get dressed up I check myself out in the mirror. Knowing my angles makes me feel more confident & helps reduce the risk of a bad photo popping up on Facebook & spoiling my day. I’m not proud that an unflattering photo popping up on Facebook can sometimes knock my confidence but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. I might get ribbed for being a poser but I don’t care because (most of the time) other people’s opinions on my appearance don’t bother me. 

3) Be kind to yourself. Think positive thoughts about yourself, focus on the things you like & don’t waste time lamenting the elements you don’t. If you want to work on improving something absolutely do it but find a way to enjoy it! Celebrate yourself because you are the only you out there & you are amazing!

Scarlett – Acting Deadly Shop Manager & Model

1) Accept and give compliments! If someone tells you that you look beautiful today don’t immediately back hand it away by saying “I look rubbish today”. That person believes in the compliment and wants to help make you feel good, so say thank you and believe them! Don’t forget to also compliment yourself! It’s okay during that final glance in the mirror to say “Damn, I look really good today” or “my hair is perfect today!” Be your own cheerleader. Also, give out compliments to fellow ladies because it could make someones day. It can be something as small as “nice shoes” but you could be helping to build someone else’s confidence and that’s an amazing thing to do!

2) Don’t save any outfits for that ‘special occasion’! I have many beautiful outfits that have been hidden away in my wardrobe for the right event or occasion but secretly all i’ve wanted to do is wear them. So why not just wear it? If there is something in your wardrobe that you love to wear and makes you feel good then just wear it! You don’t need an occasion, you deserve to look and feel fabulous every day!

3) Get to know your body and what your best features are and then make the most of them. We all have body hang ups, I dislike my lower tummy. But I love my small waist so instead of trying to hide my tummy with oversized clothes I try to accentuate my waist by wearing high waisted trousers or pencil skirts. Don’t allow the areas you may dislike to rule what you wear, wear what makes you feel and look good. Be proud of your body, it’s the only one we have!

Meg – Deadly Shop Girl & Model

1) Wear a smile with every outfit!
Being open and engaged with people is attractive as it will make you feel confident in yourself and your outfit

2) Walking back to happiness!
Just because a pair of high heeled paid of shoes can help your silhouette and figure if they’re not comfy you’ll hunch over and sit down and not walk tall, dance and have fun.

3) Attention seeking colour
If you have a preferred area of your body add colour! If you love your eyes or hair or bust! Add the splash of colour there! You can mix plainer colours with bright patterns drawing attention to the part of you – you love the best.

Lauren – Deadly Administration Co-Ordinator

1) A good pair of heels that are comfortable and that you can walk in. Wearing heels corrects your posture, makes you stand tall and makes your legs look slimmer and longer. Which is a huge plus to someone who has short legs like me. But they must be heels that you can walk in, otherwise you can look a little silly when trying to walk, or if they’re too high then you could turn an ankle on them and do yourself a mischief. 

2) A comfortable piece of shapewear. I’m not a fan of the shorts or spanks as they tend to dig in, roll down or make lines on my body which show through the dresses. So my favourite shapewear is a Shaping Slip, this is like a dress you wear under a dress and it smooths everything. There are no lumps or bumps where the underwear ends so you don’t have to worry. 

3) Wearing something that fits you properly and suits your body shape. I always love the look of full skirts and petticoats but they just don’t suit me and as soon as I put one on I feel self conscious and uncomfortable because I know it doesn’t suit my body shape. But as soon as I put a wiggle dress on, or something fitted, I feel confident and sassy. I’m a size 16 and most people that size shy away from fitted outfits and wear something loose or baggy and that can be unflattering.  Don’t shy away from fitted clothes, just make sure you have the right underwear and shapewear and the right sized dress. If the dress is too small it’s uncomfortable and if it’s too big then you loose the fit of the dress and it will look odd. Ignore what the size says on the label, if it looks good on then that’s the right one for you. 

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 1

The Deadly Girls hope that some of these tips are helpful to you in building your body confidence and finding your inner Deadly girl! If you have any body confidence tips you’d like to share with us we would love to hear them. Send in your tips via email to shop@deadlyisthefemale.com, via Instagram @deadlyfemale or our Facebook page ‘Deadly is the Female‘.

Stay tuned for our next edition ‘A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 6’!