We are over the moon that Nigella Lawson is in our Billion Dollar Baby dress on the cover of the Radio Times this week. We knew there was a tiny chance and had feedback that she had loved our 50’s style dresses but you can imagine my face when I popped into W H Smiths and spotted it!

Here is our image of the Billion Dollar Baby dress in full.   We also found the same image in today’s Daily Mail – but without the cover writing so we can see it more clearly.

Without wanting to get into the debate too much we feel really bad for Nigella (we like to pretend we are now on first name terms!). It wasn’t so long ago she was getting stick for being too big. And I don’t think there was a cover on the WH Smith shelves which hadn’t had some Photoshop magic applied. We always think she looks fabulous & don’t mind admitting to a girl crush.That’s our two pennies worth anyway.

But back to the Radio Times, we were also cock-a-hoop that they used our leopard print chiffon scarf to accessorise a white dress (not from us).

So, to sum up, we think Nigella Lawson is a fox and are just too excited she is wearing a dress from our little shop on the cover of the Radio Times.