Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

This year on the 9th & 10th June we will be welcoming the beautiful Miss Victory Violet to Deadly is the Female! We caught up with this gorgeous gal to find out some exclusive details about the upcoming event….

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Victory Violet wears Tatyana © Tigz Rice Studios 2018.

1) We are huge fans of Miss Victory Violet and we have always seen you as a vintage style icon, how did you get into the vintage pinup scene?

I found the vintage reproduction ‘scene’ in 2010-2011 and immediately felt like it was the perfect fit for me – and not just in a physical sense. It gave me confidence and pride in myself that I’d never felt before and so there was no turning back! In 2014 I started my blog as a way of sharing more snippets of my style and since then, things have kind of just snowballed in a way I never imagined or expected!

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: David Fisk Photography

2) We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Deadly is the Female in June for a fabulous workshop on Sunday 10th June. Can you give us any sneaky clues into what might be included in the workshop?

I am super excited too! After recently releasing tickets for London workshops and one of them selling out in 5 minutes, I’ve decided that it’d probably be best to offer two workshops on the same day to help meet demand! So we are going to start the day with my Beginner’s Hair and Makeup Workshop which is a great overview for creating a modern pinup look. Attendees for this workshop will learn how to do their makeup as well as brushout a set and creating that all-important ‘swoop’!

Then in the afternoon, there will be my Advanced Hairstyling Workshop where attendees will focus purely on hairstyling and updos. So they will learn how to create the poodle, sculpt victory rolls, bumper bangs and a gibson roll.
Plus, of course there will be time for each group to have a cheeky shop in the Deadly store!

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: My Boudoir Make-Over Boudoir Photography

3) Lots of our customers are very excited that you will be here at Deadly is the Female, ticket sales have been under wraps but can you give us an exclusive as to when they may go on sale?

You heard it here first! Tickets will be going up for sale at 8pm on Tuesday March 13th. Tickets will be £85 each (payment plans are available) and include a amazing goody bag with my exclusive Splendette Bangle, Shazam Hair Flower and products from Kenra Professional.
So set your alarms because if my London dates are anything to go by, these tickets will not last long!

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: Nicole Englemann Photography

4) Not only are you coming to Deadly is the Female for a workshop but we are thrilled that you’ll be in our boutique on Saturday 9th June styling our customers hair! Can you tell us about how our customers can book in with you and what sort of hair styles you’ll be styling? 

Yes! I’m going to be taking a limited amount of private appointments. There’s no specific style you have to have during these appointments, usually we discuss it together on the day to figure out what would work best for the hair. These won’t be haircut appointments since I’ll be doing these in the store, just purely styling- perfect to have a excuse to arrange a fancy night out on Saturday!

These appointment will also be up for sale at on the 13th of March. 

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: V’s Anchor Studio

The 5 Deadly questions…..

1) What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe and why?

Ahhh I always struggle with this kind of question as I have a few very special true vintage dresses. It’s always a toss up for me between a gorgeous 1950s prom dress I found in New Orleans that just completely transformed from a dirty, slightly grey colour to a luminous baby pink after a few soaks. There was a sense of accomplishment on my part that I’d bought this dress back to life and I love the story (​you can see the before and after pictures here​).

Then the other special dress is one that also has a fun little story and I truly believe it was meant to be mine. A a good friend of mine owned a small vintage store back in New Zealand and I was doing a photoshoot there when the courier arrived with a parcel for her from Australia. She opened it up and I fell in love with the delicate eyelet fabric and beautiful pale blue colour. When I tried it on, I had mega princess vibes and obviously purchased it! I just adore it this dress!

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: Tony McKay Photography

2) What is your top hair and makeup styling tip?

For hair: I’m a big believer in overnight setting. I do use heat tools but if you are planning on styling your hair regularly, then overnight (no heat) sets are going to be so much better in the long run. I hate having dry, damaged hair so always want to do what I can to take care of it and prevent that.
Play around with different methods- I started out with foam rollers but in the last year or so have switched to flexi rods but they are definitely not quite as comfortable for sleeping in! Everything takes practice so don’t be dismayed if things don’t work out perfect in the beginning – trust me, my sets when I first started out certainly weren’t as polished as what they are now. So practice, practice, practice!

For makeup: While we all love the classic vintage look, be prepared to be flexible in the aesthetic. Not every eyeshape is going to suit a giant eyeliner flick or big arched brows. While it can be easy to get caught up in what you think you ‘need’ to do with your makeup to look pinup or vintage, you need to remember that makeup is for enhancing what you naturally have. For instance, my eyeshape doesn’t suit super thick eyeliner so I’ve been trying to keep it nice and slim or wearing none at all.

3) What is your top tip for taking a good selfie or professional photo?

For selfies, I always try to find natural light when I can. Usually standing by a window! If you are outside then avoiding being under direct sunlight and if there’s a spot of a light coloured concrete, then that works great at bouncing up light! Avoid being on grass on bright days as you might end up with a slight green tinge to your skin!

For professional photos, a lot of that work is the responsibility of the photographer but practicing posing in front of a mirror is always a good idea. That way you can figure out what works best and get used to how everything feels while doing it.

4) What 1 piece of advice would you give to girls who aspire to dress in the vintage style or aspire to be a model/blogger?

If you love the style but worried about taking the plunge, then just go ahead and do it! You won’t regret it, it’s such a fun way to dress and incredibly liberating when you aren’t trying to fit into the maintream mold!
Blogging is a super fun, creative outlet. It can be a lot of work so make sure you are writing about what you feel passionate about or it won’t be sustainable. There’s a lot of blogs out there so bonus points if you can find a niche within the vintage style umbrella and make it stand out!

And as for vintage modelling, start by finding some photographers who might want to collaborate on a shoot – but don’t just pick the first one that says yes… look through their photos and make sure they have a high quality level of work! Getting paid as a pinup model isn’t a walk in the park- I had had hardly any paid jobs until I moved to London, and even then, I definitely couldn’t live off my modelling jobs alone! My mantra for everything has been to have fun, enjoy what I’m doing and if it turns into a opportunity then that’s great. But if it doesn’t, I won’t be upset.

5) If you could have any item that is currently in stock from Deadly is the Female, what would it be and why?

Oh that would HAVE to be the Black Starlet Dress by Vixen. That dress is just perfection, I love the lush velvet and the way it can be worn either on or off the shoulder.

Deadly is the Female interviews Miss Victory Violet

Photography: Tony McKay Photography

Tickets for the Miss Victory Violet workshops will be available direct from Miss Victory Violet’s shop on her blog >>>  Tickets go on sale 8pm Tuesday 13th March 2018. If you have any questions or queries regarding the event please call us during opening hours on 01373 469914 or email