Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

There are so many beautiful bloggers, models and gals who love the vintage style and we absolutely adore! We wanted to get together with a few to quiz them about anything and everything to do with clothing, makeup, hair, body confidence, selfie tips and so much more! In each interview we ask the lovely ladies 3 personalised questions to get an insight into each ladies lives and then we ask 5 Deadly questions which have been put together by our staff and customers that will be asked in each interview, how exciting!

This week we interview an absolutely beautiful pinup model and very kind hearted lady, the wonderful Miss Lillian Love.

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Photo by V’s Anchor Studios

We adore Miss Lillian Love, not only are you an internationally published pinup model but you are an absolute sweetheart! How did you first get into modelling and what advice would you give to girls wanting to start a career in modelling?

Aww thanks gorgeous! That’s really sweet of you! ? I’ve been into the vintage scene for years, but only started pinup modelling in my mid-thirties! A friend persuaded me to do a shoot to help improve my confidence! I was nervous, but I’m so glad I did it! I loved it, and went on to do more shoots and it kind of grew from there! I was lucky enough to get signed to the Pinup Academy and they’ve been amazingly supportive.

My advice would be to go for it! Ask models for recommendations to help find a great photographer and invest in some really good images for your portfolio. Go for quality over quantity.

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

MUAH and Photo by The Pinup Academy
Dress from The Pretty Dress Company


You have taken part in so many beautiful photo shoots. What has been your favourite photo shoot? What advice would you give to ladies taking part in their first photo shoot? 

It’s so hard to pick a favourite – I’m really lucky to have worked with some amazing photographers, designers and makeup artists so I’m struggling to pick just one! I’ve had some wonderful experiences and some really good giggles!  I guess I’ll never forget the thrill of shooting with a Spitfire with Retro Air Photographic though…

For your first shoot my best piece of advice is to relax and enjoy it! I also find planning outfits/looks with the photographer beforehand helps me to pack appropriately and arrive well prepared! 

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Photo by Retro Air Photographic, MUAH by me, wearing original 50’s ball gown

This year you were a finalist in Miss Viva Las Vegas, amazing! Tell us about Viva Las Vegas and the competition? 


It was amazing! I wasn’t going to enter, but a friend talked me into it and I figured I had nothing to lose! I wasn’t expecting to get through to the final and it was a real privilege to be up there with such amazing ladies! I wasn’t expecting to place, so I wasn’t disappointed and it was an incredible experience! 

Viva is one of the friendliest events I’ve ever been to – I had so much fun and I definitely want to go back again! My highlights were the pool party on the Sunday, getting to meet Dita Von Teese, and dancing until 5am on the Sunday! 

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Phone photo of me with Dita Von Teese after the finals of the VLV 20 Pinup Contest, I’m wearing the original 50’s prom dress that I wore on stage.


The 5 Deadly questions…..

1) What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe?

Ooh! That’s a tricky one! I’ve been collecting vintage clothes for a really long time, so I’ve got a few favourites, and I love my custom corsets by Wyte Phantom too! This original 50’s Cole of California swimsuit with sequin and rhinestone detail always makes me feel special when I wear it, so it’s definitely up there with the treasures! 

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Photo by Haunted Cathouse Photography


2) What is your top hair or makeup styling tip?

Keep practising and experimenting with styles you like the look of, and find a quick and easy hair style that you can perfect for those days when you’re in a hurry! You-tube is great for tutorials.

3) What is your top tip for taking a good selfie or photo?

Try to face the light source (ideally a window with natural light) so you don’t get weird shadows, and think about what’s in the background too! I sometimes rush taking a selfie before going out and then find my washing basket was in the background like in this photo! I’m definitely still learning! 

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love


4) What 1 piece of advice would you give to girls who aspire to dress in the vintage style or aspire to be a model/blogger?

For those wanting to dress in a vintage style I’d say there’s no right and wrong – just find vintage styles that make you happy, buy things that you really love and that make you feel good, and wear them how you want to wear them! And for modelling, I’d say the same – select outfits that make you feel good and you’ll come across more confident in your photos. 

Being kind, and respectful of others and the effort they put into their work also counts for a lot! One of the best things about modelling is the amazing people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made. 


5) If you could have any item that is currently in stock from Deadly is the Female, what would it be?

I’ve got quite a wish list! I’m particularly excited about the Vixen range and I’d love to get the Vixen Swing Dress in Black

Deadly is the Female interview Miss Lillian Love

Photo Claire Seville


Thank you to the super wonderful and beautiful Miss Lillian Love for taking part in our Deadly interview. Be sure to follow Miss Lillian Love on Instagram to see all her latest photo shoots and adventures @misslillianlove