Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

There are so many beautiful bloggers, models and gals who love the vintage style and we absolutely adore! We wanted to get together with a few to quiz them about anything and everything to do with clothing, makeup, hair, body confidence, selfie tips and so much more! In each interview we ask the lovely ladies 3 personalised questions to get an insight into each ladies lives and then we ask 5 Deadly questions which have been put together by our staff and customers that will be asked in each interview, how exciting!

For this interview we were lucky enough to interview an international model who is very talented, stylish and absolutely beautiful lady!
We chat with the stunning Ava Elderwood!

Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

1) Ava, your photos and your look are always absolute perfection. We are mesmerised by you! Tell us how you got into the vintage look and how you began modelling this fabulous style?

I love the 40’s & 50’s for many years, over 10 I guess. Everything began when I got out of the gothic inspired scene, when Dita von Teese became famous in Germany too. There was a big movement to the Rockabilly scene and I fell in love with all the gorgeous dresses and vintage hair & make up. I’ve been wearing my winged liner since I was 14 or so, so it was the perfect thing to me, having red lips, pale skin and the black hair to feel more myself than before in the gothic style.

Lots of friends and my husband asked me why I don’t do pin up pictures and I thought – why not, as I’ve been interested in photography since I was 16, modeling was of course something different but I took pleasure in doing it. So I took part in a few shoots with myself photographing my pictures with a remote so I was able to take the pictures the way I wanted them – and after being featured from a big european vintage online shop I now take pictures professionally.

Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

2) Not only are you a beautiful model but you are also a professional hair and makeup artist AND an internationally published photographer! You go girl! How do you juggle all the different attributes of your job? Tell us about a day in the life of Ava Elderwood? 

I’m self-employed so I can handle all these different creative parts much better – but it takes a lot of time doing the client shoots so sometimes I wish the day had more than 24 hours!

When I’m off shooting I’m nearly always wearing red lips & winged liner. When I’m styling my clients get their make up this way too and after doing their hair, creating the different photo settings and shoot mostly the whole day I’m happy coming home to my hubby and my two dogs. In between all of this I do shoots for brands I love, give hair & make up lessons and love to create new settings at my studio. In the summer we often go to festivals here in Germany or USA and Spain.

Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

3) You are based in the beautiful Hamburg, Germany. What is the vintage scene like in Germany? Are there many vintage events? Should we be planning a visit?! Hehe!

We have a big scene here in Hamburg, a few bars & concerts to visit and meet friends at.

There’s an old gas station “Oldtimer Tankstelle” where guys and girls meet on Sunday’s for coffee & cake, driving with their old cars & bikes. We have a lot of vintage clothing stores and a fast growing burlesque scene – so yes, it’s really worth to visit Hamburg for a long weekend (and book a shooting or workshop at my studio!) Hamburg has a lot of history too – it’s easy to spend some days here, especially at the vintage hotels like the “Fritz Hotel“. 

 Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

The 5 Deadly questions…..

1) What is your most treasured piece in your wardrobe and why?

A vintage Lilli Ann jacket – I’m obsessed with this brand!

2) What is your top hair and makeup styling tip?

Use hair spray and a dryer together to create the most long lasting hair – and “baking” with setting powder for the perfect make up.

3) What is your top tip for taking a good selfie or professional photo?

I always use a remote and a professional camera, love authentic vintage lighting so spending money on a good equipment is my tip.

4) What 1 piece of advice would you give to girls who aspire to dress in the vintage style or aspire to be a model/blogger?

Look for what makes you unique and what fits perfectly for you, do it the way you like – and what feels comfortable for you. 

5) If you could have any item that is currently in stock from Deadly is the Female, what would it be and why? 

The Burgundy Boudoir Robe – for starting the day as glamorous as possible!

Deadly is the Female interviews Ava Elderwood!

Thank you to the simply beautiful and elegant Ava Eldwerwood for taking part in our Deadly is the Female interview. Be sure to follow Ava on social media @ava_elderwood and check out her photography website too The Elderwood.