We are so thrilled Belinda Stewart-Wilson (also known as Will’s fit mum, Polly McKenzie) chose to wear her Deadly is the Female Lauren dress to the Premiere of The Inbetweeners 2!


This is a comment right there!

So far she has made today’s Metro, The Sun and The Mail Online – all of who (very rightly so) have been extremely complementary of Belinda’s style and her red and black wiggle dress.

The Mail Online even included a link and a photo of the lovely Sian modelling the dress on our website, which is fantastic!

We had a giggle at them saying they had never heard of us (Umm… Nigella’s red wiggle dress?!) but we don’t mind!

Huge thanks to Belinda for sharing our name with the press and for letting us know she’d worn the dress. We hope she felt as amazing as she looks!