A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

At Deadly is the Female we aim to help women not only look fabulous but to feel beautiful and confident with how they look.

To kick off our Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence we have to start with undergarments! If you have the right foundations then you can build one fabulous outfit over the top! In Vol 2 of A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Deadly Model and Shop Girl Scarlett Luxe shared her favourite shape wear pieces with us.

This week it’s all about Bra’s and Knickers!

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3


A bra is pretty much an everyday essential for women. We want to be lifted, supported, comfortable and we even like to have a cheeky bit of cleavage! Having the right bra on is an important part of putting an outfit together. But the most important thing to remember is to wear the correct size bra. Ask yourself, when was the last time you went and had a bra fitting?

I am so guilty of this! Most of bra’s had started to gape away on the cup. I thought maybe they were just stretched and old. I was out buying a new strapless bra and I ended up having a melt down in the fitting room because I just couldn’t find one that fit right. I gave in and asked for the help from the bra fitter. She was wonderful and informed me that my usual size of 34F was of course wrong! I needed to go down a band size and cup size so I’d be a 32E and just like that i found the perfect strapless bra.

I can’t preach it enough ladies, be sure to get regular bra fittings because we can easily change bra size without even realising. And the best part? Most bra fittings are FREE!

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

Ivory lace underwired padded balcony strapless bra

One of the hardest things to find is the right strapless bra especially if you have a D+ bust. For the past couple of years I’ve been wearing the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra which I loved because of the built in hand feature that would lift my bust. However, I also found this bra to be big and bulky making it uncomfortable. I also thought the underwire was too big and it would often press into my stomach and cause unwanted rolls! I decided to go in search of a new strapless bra and went to my local Debenhams store where I had my bra fitting and the lovely sales assistant suggested I try this simple balcony strapless bra.

I normally stay away from balcony bra’s as I find it can just squish my bust and I get no cleavage however I was surprised at how well this bra fit and lifted my bust. It’s hugely supportive, I was able to shimmy without the bra or my bust moving at all! I also love that this bra comes with detachable straps so it can be worn in multiple ways. My favourite thing about this bra, besides the great fit, is that it looks pretty. I have found that many strapless bra’s are plain and boring but the lace details on this bra are so elegant that it’s an extra confidence boost to make me feel good. I was so surprised to find that this was a Debenhams own brand bra, I am such a sucker for brand names and I probably would have never even picked it up! But I was proved wrong, it’s a fabulous strapless bra that is designed specifically for DD+ busts. The price you can’t argue with, the bra is excellent quality and worth every penny.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

Foundation Lace Longline Bra Black
House of Satin

If I’m not wearing my shape ware (which is quite often!) but I want to keep a smooth line under my clothes then I reach for a Longline Bra. I own this Longline Bra from House of Satin in 3 different colour ways, that’s how good it is! This bra is handmade in Britain and you can certainly see the care and craftsmanship that goes into creating it. It features adjustable straps and soft cups with no under wire. When I first tried this bra I was concerned about wearing a bra with no padding or wire support that my bust wouldn’t be supported, however the soft cups fit around your bust and lifts providing great support.

What took some getting used too was the shape of the cups. To give that true vintage shape the cups are shaped similar to that of a bullet bra therefore they look slightly pointy. The cups also sit further apart that I am use too so my bust feels and looks a bit wider, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it just took some getting used too.  Longline Bra’s can feel a bit odd to wear initially because of the length but you soon forget about it as they are very comfortable to wear.

I love longline bra’s as they help keep a smooth silhouette and this particular Longline is pretty, feminine and super comfortable.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

Bra Glamour Nouveau
What Katie Did

This bra is just beautiful, it looks and feels very luxurious. This satin bra features under wire that lifts and holds your bust in place and I think makes your bust look rather glorious, I’m always pleasantly surprised when I look down and see my bust in this bra! It also features vintage stitch detailing on each cup which I love as it’s attention to detail that makes you feel glamorous. This bra is sleek, making it perfect for creating a smooth line under clothing. This bra is classical in shape and style, the fit is perfect and not only do you feel supported but you feel fabulous. The Glamour Nouveau bra is available in Black and Peach from a size 32B up to a 38E.



I will admit it now, I am a big knicker fan! My boyfriend calls them my Granny Pants but I don’t care they make me feel good, they keep a smooth line and they are comfortable. I will occasionally wear a thong for certain photo shoot’s but really I love a good pair of high waisted big knickers. Here’s a selection of my favourite vintage inspired high waisted knickers….


A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

Liz High Waisted Knickers
What Katie Did

I LOVE these knickers! They are some of the best high waisted knickers I have ever worn. When I got the What Katie Did Corselette I needed knickers to match so went for the Liz knickers. These knickers are properly high waisted so they sit perfectly on my waist and are smooth under high waisted garments. They are made from 100% opaque Italian lycra blend fabric so everything is concealed. The stretch fabric is super comfortable and moves with you. These knickers are a control garment so they also hold you in and you certainly do notice a difference when you wear them, that’s why I love them so much. I am quite self conscious about the lower part of my stomach but in these knickers all my worries are gone as I feel as though everything is smoothed out and held whilst I am still comfortable. These knickers are available from a UK 8 to a UK 18.

A Pinup's Guide to Body Confidence Vol 3

Foundation Lace Full Brief Black
House of Satin

These knickers not only are incredibly supportive but they are pretty! Often when we think about big knickers we think of Bridget Jones’s Diary and not in a good way! Well with these knickers I think of Hollywood Glamour, they are something a Hollywood Starlet would have worn. The high waist on these knickers help give you a true vintage silouhette. The delicate floral lace is lined with a soft mesh and features control panels that will define and support your figure. With this knickers you do have to wiggle into them because of the control panels but I certainly don’t mind doing this because the support is excellent! What’s even better about these knickers is that they are handmade in Britain using locally sourced fabrics so you are supporting an independent business like ourselves. These knickers are available from a UK 6 to a UK 18 and are available in black or white, I’d have one of each ready for any occasion!

Be sure to check out next week’s ‘A Pinup’s Guide to Body Confidence Vol 4’ where we will be sharing our top posing tips!