A short guide to Quick & Easy Victory rolls by Lolita Noir

At the weekend we had a photo shoot and we noticed our wonderful Hair and Make up artist using a handy cheat when doing Victory Rolls on our beautiful model, Gracie. We managed to grab some behind the scenes snaps and asked Lolita Noir to share her secrets.

Here is her 7 step guide to quick and easy Victory Rolls

Step 1

Section hair off into 3 sections – one either side of your parting, just behind the ear and one large section at the back. A good tip is to put the hair at the back in a low ponytail to keep it out of the way for now.

Step 2

Decide where you would like your parting to be and clip 1 side up to keep that out of the way while you work on the first side.


Step 3

Lift the hair up and out to the side. Back comb the whole section from the back (so the front remains looking smooth). Spray with a good firm holding hairspray and keep back comb until the hair stands out by itself.  If the hair is silky and fine, spray with hairspray first and then back comb. If the front looks messy when you are finished you can use a soft bristle brush to smooth things out at this point. Lolita Noir recommends a great hairspray from Schwarzkopf called Silhouette Black Hairspray, Invisible hold


Step 4

When the hair has been prepared, spray the whole section with hairspray. Then take the ends of the section in one piece and clamp them in a set of large barrelled tongs. Tong away from the face and vertically, it doesn’t matter if the section is messy or not all touching the tongs, this is just a little cheat way of creating smooth rolls and getting the bend needed in the hair. You may hear a slight sizzle or see a little steam when the tongs hit the hairspray covered hair, do not worry, this is just the product NOT you hair! Lolita Noir uses the Babyliss Pro Curling Irons, either size 24mm or 32mm


Step 5

When you release the hair from the tongs, don’t pull them out in a rush! Loosely uncurl the tong on itself and then when it’s slack release the clamp, letting the hair free but keeping it in position.  Cup the hair as you pull the tongs out so you don’t lose the perfect curl/roll that you’ve created.


Step 6

While still cupping the roll, mould it to where you want your roll to be by positioning the top curl and then pin in place using kirby grips or bobby pins.  This might take a few tries but don’t worry! Start by pinning the bottom of the roll so you can manipulate the top curl to where you want it to be without worrying about the rest of it falling out. When you have it where you want it, secure with a grip, give it a good coating of hairspray and do the same on the other side.


Step 7

Once you have done both sides and created your victory rolls, you can decide how to style the back of your hair! Lolita Noir created a dramatic ‘horizontal roll under’ for Gracie, shown here modelling the Sophia Dress. However, the back can be styled in many different ways, including horizontal roll-up, a bun or something as simple as wearing it down with curls or wavy.


So there you have it – 7 Steps to easy Victory Rolls. Huge thanks to Lolita Noir for her trade secrets. If you’d like to know more about her you can find her on her website, Facebook Page or Twitter. Don’t forget you can also grab a copy of our Vintage Hairstyling Book for lots of other Vintage Hair ideas.